Rats and Cats PSA

Rats and Cats (The cat and mouse games)


In Asian Folklore, the Buddha summoned twelve animals to honor them. The order of the animals arrival would merrit their place in the Asian Zodic.The Ox was to be first however the Rat rode on the back of the Ox and upon the the Buddha’s entrance the Rat jumped off and scampered in first, cheating the Ox and the Tiger’s rightful places.


In 1863 Édouard Manet’s famed painting; “Olympia” the black cat was depicted as symbol of the night force and the feminine.


Perhaps our first sub-concious connection symbol of; “pussy?”



Franz Marc’s famous cats.



Mickey Mouse made his animated debut in 1928.




Amerian Jazz embraced cats and regarded them and themselves as cool cats and hep cats for several decades in world Modernity. Again, creatures of the night.


1940, Tom and Jerry appear and the genre of “cat v. mouse” is taken to violent extremes with waffle iron burnings, explosives, hammers ad infinitum. Jerry is cute, likeable and ever clever however this writer believes that Tom’s character is stripped of his dignity as a true feline and mouser.


1950, Mickey Mouse re-appears again and creates an American Cult of kids wearing mouse ears and learning social norms of the era. Mickey Mouse now becomes the official mascot of the “Disney” Empire.


We know of hundreds of other cats and cat and mouse games that were played out through the later part of the twentith century which is too vast for this mini narraitve.


Fast Forward to 2011 and the internet’s prime time; Nyan Cat becomes our first meme and overwhemingly Cats quickly become the internet’s official mascot.



I am Maru, Cat and Girl, Cat v. Human, Cat v. Internet, Grumpy Cat, Pusheen the Cat, and Emma Catnip is just “scratching” the surface of the world wide web.


Cut to the present 2017, Chinese year of the Rooster, and a new cat and mouse game is being played out on the internet; Rats want to create dossiers on us Cats and keep tabs on what we’re up to. This game will not be played in the violent scenarios of Tom and Jerry with anvils and waffle irons.


This Cat pays two hundred U.S. dollars a month just to access the internet which is a bit pricey however, I will not dispute this as everything has a price.


However, we being smart Cats; the game is on and we have choices. We can use and encrypted e-mail services, encrypt hard drives and smart phones, created smarter passwords and view the web through a VPN.


As Cats, we are indeed independant and smart.


And, please support Net Neutrality and get involved.