Happy Birthday

Cosmo-Demonic dot net turns 10 years old today. Featured is the original image for the site and here’s the daily horoscope:


If You Were Born Today, October 24
Although you don’t intend to be, there is something mysterious about you that adds fuel to your considerable, yet quiet, personal magnetism. Your will is quite strong, and you easily hone in on what motivates people. A natural born psychologist, you readily pick up on what makes people “tick”. You are not a combative sort, unless you absolutely have to be. You have a strong sense of the “here and now” and where you are in life. Your sense of direction is also remarkable. Your intuition is powerful, and your dedication to the people you love is notable. Impulsiveness is a trait that you may need to tame.


Thank you all for indulging me in the many personas of this excercise in vanity, art and design.